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Langley Grammar School has been designated by the Department for Education as one of 87 Teaching School Hubs from September 2024.
TSH Berkshire is the operating name of the DfE designated Teaching School Hub for the ‘SE10’ region, which comprises the six local authority areas in Berkshire.

Register your ECT

How to register your ECT with TSH Berkshire

Please click here to watch a step-by-step guide to register your ECT.

Part 1 - Register for your ECF-based training programme with TSH Berkshire/UCL

  1. Use the DfE online registration service to tell the DfE that you are using a “DfE funded training provider” for your ECF programme.
  2. If you are a new induction tutor, you will need to set yourself up on the system first, via the link above.
  3. If you are new to working with TSH Berkshire for the ECF programme, you will also need to fill in this short form here so that we can get your school partnered with UCL. 
  4. The induction tutor then needs to register the ECTs and mentors on the DfE online registration service.

Part 2 – Register with and Appropriate Body

You need to register your ECTs with a Teaching School Hub as the Appropriate Body for statutory induction.  This is the assessed side of the induction process.  You can use another teaching school hub for your Appropriate Body if you prefer – you can be registered with different organisations for the ECF and Appropriate Body elements of induction.

If you wish to use TSH Berkshire as your Appropriate Body, please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete this Microsoft form to agree to our Service Level Agreement (SLA).  The full SLA is available as a link from the form, or on our website here.
  2. If you are new to working with us as your Appropriate Body, we will then set the school up on our ECT Manager system.  For more information see our Appropriate Body page here.
  3. Once the school is set up on the system, the induction tutor can log on and register the ECTs here.  See here for a step by step guide.   

For assistance with any of this, please telephone 01753 598 300 or email

If you are an induction tutor new to working with us as your Appropriate Body, you might find it helpful to watch this recording of a session we ran in the summer term - Introduction to TSH Berkshire AB Service for New Schools.

For new ECTs, you will find a recording of our Welcome Meeting here.