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Langley Grammar School has been designated by the Department for Education as one of 87 Teaching School Hubs from September 2024.
TSH Berkshire is the operating name of the DfE designated Teaching School Hub for the ‘SE10’ region, which comprises the six local authority areas in Berkshire.

NPQs now fully funded!

The DfE have announced that all NPQs are now to be fully funded for all teachers in state schools and 16-19 colleges.  

The DfE’s announced recently that National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) will be offered at no cost to state funded schools and state funded organisations which offer 16-19 places (this does include academies) in England from Autumn 2021.

The reality is budget influences what we can do. Therefore, funding implications may have been a key factor in how you planned to access the NPQs this year. You may have had to limit the number of staff enrolling on the programmes; you may have had to limit the number of programmes accessed; you may have had to guide staff towards programmes which did not best meet their CPD needs or the needs of the school. If that’s the case, then there is time to change the course of action. UCL's window for the November cohort closes on 31st October, but there will be another cohort starting in February so your staff still have the opportunity to benefit this year. 

What you should know:

  • We have minimised cover implications for you by ensuring that each training session is on a different date and that they are offered as afternoon/twilight sessions, where possible.
  • There is flexibility for those who have previously applied to transfer into an alternative programme if they do that before the extended deadline.

Next Steps:

  • Identify CPD and whole school need: who will you be sending on which programme? From your school appraisal and whole school needs analysis, is there a gap in provision or skillset which you need to fill? Can you utilise the programmes to support succession planning and stability or drive school improvement?
  • Staff should apply via DfE link here, and choose UCL as their Lead Provider
  • They will then soon then receive a follow up email from UCL with an application form where they should choose TSH Berkshire as their delivery partner.